Michelle Rios Rice is a gifted Visionary, a modern day Mystic with ancient roots in Curandisimo. She is a mystical curandera. She was born with the profound gift of joy. She has a deep love for people. She has endless compassion. She is a humanitarian at heart, with all her work reflecting this. She is a passionate person with developed fire in her. She considers herself a weaver of tapestries in different worlds and levels of understanding. She is a published author. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and a BA in Psychology. She has given many seminars, teachings, healings and readings. Having seen the endless suffering of others and dealing with her own suffering she desires to change the world one person at a time through self mastery. She is a Master Maestra, a master of Meditation, a cultivator of beauty and a motivator through inspiration. Upon contact with Michelle you will know for yourself the gifts she has to offer. SHE IS LA GRANDE.