la grande

Curanderismo- ancient traditional wisdom ways.

Michelle works with the emotional body, the soul body, the physical body, the mental body, with the sacred fuel, the heart radiance in this ancient practice of curanderismo . She uses passed down medicine ways, ancient tradition, prayer, ceremony, remedios (remedies) Spirit gifts , fire, water, wind, stones, herbs, ( NO peyote or other plants similar to peyote NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL) dreams, vision, the word, psychic knowing and higher understanding, joy, light and love.
Some of the traditional practices she offers are listed below.
She offers:

  • Clearings/Cleansings -known as limpias
  • Body work while never touching the physical body -known at a barrida
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Prayer & Invocation
  • Energy work – specialized understanding of the energy field
  • Removals of bad juju, mal ojo and other energy blockages
  • Removals of negative thought forms
  • Removals of negative conditioned patterning
  • cutting cords including sexual cords to exes but not limited to this
  • Works with Susto or soul loss from traumatic events- soul retrieval
  • Herbal baths/spiritual baths – banos please note there is a cost according to products purchased to make the bano.
  • Home & office cleansings and blessings.

Pricing of curanderismo is based upon donation.

People always ask about the donation amounts. SOMETHING TO PONDER WHILE DECIDING A DONATION AMOUNT. Think about always keeping in mind for both parties the spirit of generosity and reciprocity as each are sacred medicine. When you step into the healing room of Michelle take heed that you are entering into a realm that is sacred and filled with years and years and years of prayers, knowledge, wisdom, training, a bloodline of healers. She has been initiated, has taught others for 40 years, is highly educated and is known as la grande. She was initiated by a curandera from Veracruz, Mexico. The initiation process was over many many years, yes years incorporating 8 levels of initiation. She was trained in the old ways by her mother, grand mother and grandfather from the moment she was born. Her father was a ‘sensitive’ and highly intutive, his grandmother was full blooded Native American from the eagle clan. As a little child she began receiving visions and her grandmother, mother and aunt would give her guidance until she was able to do so on her own. Her work as a curandera began at the age of 18, although she was receiving guidance and teachings as a young child. She also absorbed within her the unique understanding and opportunity of living with three Tibetan monks, blending in some of that tradition in her tool bag as well. In addition, she was married to a Pueblo medicine man for 13 years who with respect to him, his people and their ways, she still works & collaborates with him in many wisdom ways. As you can see there is much you gain and receive when coming for a session. It is always a gift to give and receive. Thank you for your wanting to know and understand.

CURANDERISMO is ancient medicine ways, a spiritual art full of mysticism, the spirit, the powers of the universe, the stars, sun and moon, the earth, the directions, the plants, the rocks, the light, love and the knowing of energy and magical things .It is understanding and knowing beings, guides and Holy ones. It is the of blending in a circular way of mind, body, soul, heart and energy, through the gifts and wisdom bestowed upon the curandera. For example a curandera can work through and with all or one of the methods such as cleansings, ventosas, barridas, herbs, prayers, energy work, curse breaking, removal of mal ojo, certain types of ‘talk’, massage, and much more. A curandera can see, hear and know what others don’t, because of these developed gifts a curandera is often called a bruja, witch. Call it as you wish being a curandera just means you are connected to one or many God given gifts, to your birth right. Curanderismo – It is a traditional ancient technology and understanding of spirit, energy, body, mind , heart power , light, love miracles, spirit and magic and so so much more. It is a beautiful way of life. The beauty path indeed it is. So sacred and precious.

Remember Michelle has both the “gift” and training having being initiated for 8 levels, for many many years with a life long education in curanderismo. She also is imprinted within her ancestral calling with a family line of curanderas tied to ancient ways. She says “I have been a curandera all my life, always desiring to improve the lives of others by aligning each person to their best self.”

TXT TO SET UP APPT; 505 -629-2436 TXT ONLY TXT ONLY no calls TXT ONLY or email